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UAB “Pardavimo automatai” - one of the largest vending operator companies in Lithuania.

Since 1999, UAB “Pardavimo automatai” provides services to public institutions, education, health care, transport and logistics, private companies and offices.

11 regional offices and specialized technical service centers with more than 135 skilled professionals ensure fast and high quality service to companies across Lithuania.

Continuously monitoring and analyzing customer needs, UAB “Pardavimo automatai” is gathering practical experience. The company is flexible and open to innovations.


  • Vending – vending machines service and maintenance in public spaces.
  • Kofis – office coffee service: coffee machines rental and maintenance, coffee, tea and other products supply.
  • Kofis Aqua  - water machines: rental and maintenance, water filters supply.
  • HoReCa  - customized solutions for hotels, cafés and restaurants: professional coffee machines and coffee grinders, maintenance, coffee, tea and other products supply.
  • Service  - maintenance and repair of vending and coffee machines, professional coffee machines.
  • Trading – vending machines, coffee machines, professional coffee machines, water coolers and filters, coffee, tea and other specialized products.